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Your essential Microsoft Teams PowerShell Cheat Sheet

Simplify and automate your Microsoft Teams management with our 8-page PowerShell cheat sheet for Microsoft Teams. This handy guide provides you with quick-reference cmdlets and code snippets to manage users, channels, policies and more with ease. Ideal for both beginners and seasoned administrators.

Teams Cheat Sheet


Content overview


Manage Teams and channels


Configure and verify Teams settings


Remove and cleanup Teams


Create new Teams


Manage policies


Configure Teams application settings

  • Install Teams
  • Manage Teams
  • Get-Team
  • Get-Help
  • Create new team or channel
  • Verify settings
  • Configure Teams settings
  • Teams cleanup
  • Other Teams settings
  • Teams feedback policy
  • Teams holidays
  • Teams client configuration
  • Cortana policy
  • Simple Teams scenario
  • Complex Teams scenario
  • Guest calling policies
  • Education assignment app policies
  • Teams compliance recording
  • Teams VDI policy
  • Teams meeting policy
  • Teams application settings
  • Teams meeting configuration
  • Teams guest meeting configuration
  • Teams mobility policies
  • Teams IP phone policies
  • Teams vertical package policies
  • Teams call policies
  • Teams messaging policies
  • Teams targeting policies
  • Teams notification and feeds policies
  • Teams shifts policies
  • Teams translation rules
  • Emergency calls
  • Get CSTenant* cmdlets
  • Location information service