The most important security features

The PowerShell Security Guide

An ideal support for all topics related to PowerShell security.

PowerShell is a powerful tool for system administration and as such a perfect tool for attackers. Even basic knowledge is enough to penetrate systems with easily accessible hacking tools. However, since version 5, Windows PowerShell includes several protection mechanisms to help prevent hacking attacks.



Content overview

  • PowerShell as hacking-tool
  • Disarm PowerShell with integrated mechanisms
  • Restrict execution of scripts
  • Set Execution Policy
  • Securing communication
  • SSH Remoting with Public Key Authentication
  • PowerShell remoting with self-signed SSL certificate
  • Just Enough Administration
  • JEA Session Configuartion
  • Auditing PowerShell actions
  • Record commands in Transcript file
  • Issue certificate for log encryption
  • Monitoring PowerShell Keys in the Registry
  • Improve PowerShell code
  • Avoid mistakes with the Strict Mode
  • More security with ScriptRunner
  • PowerShell Management Solution
  • In 5 steps to secure automation and delegation

The Authors

The book was written by two experienced authors who are well informed about PowerShell.

Michael Pietroforte
has been working in IT projects for more than 30 years and has been awarded as Microsoft MVP IT Pro several times and runs the website 4sysops for IT professionals.

Wolfgang Sommergut has many years of experience as a technical author, consultant and conference speaker on various topics in IT. He has also worked as a system administrator and consultant. He runs the website WindowsPro.

This expertise is complemented by a contribution from ScriptRunner product expert Heiko Brenn on the subject of increasing safety with ScriptRunner.