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Your comprehensive PowerShell Security e-book

Using PowerShell securely is key to succesfully automating IT administration tasks. Our 150-page PowerShell security ebook covers all built-in features to keep your PowerShell environment safe and reliable.



Content overview

Control execution of scripts using execution policy

Delegate administrative tasks with JEA

Code signing and constrained language mode

Audit and analyze PowerShell activities, encrypt logs

Secure PowerShell remoting with SSH and TLS

Improve code quality following best practices

  • PowerShell as hacking-tool
  • Disarm PowerShell with integrated mechanisms
  • Restrict execution of scripts
  • Set Execution Policy
  • Securing communication
  • SSH Remoting with Public Key Authentication
  • PowerShell remoting with self-signed SSL certificate
  • Just Enough Administration
  • JEA Session Configuration
  • Auditing PowerShell actions
  • Record commands in Transcript file
  • Issue certificate for log encryption
  • Monitoring PowerShell Keys in the Registry
  • Improve PowerShell code
  • Avoid mistakes with the Strict Mode
  • More security with ScriptRunner
  • PowerShell Management Solution
  • In 5 steps to secure automation and delegation