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Unlock the Power of PowerShell!

Get your PowerShell goodies. Accelerate your IT automation journey.

Unlock the full potential of PowerShell with our handy poster!

PowerShell poster

Your ultimate PowerShell cheat sheet. All important PowerShell cmdlets on one page! Download your digital copy and let us send you the Get-Help for your office wall.


Get your poster here

The free PowerShell security guide

PowerShell Security e-book

Read everything you need to know about PowerShell security in the free PowerShell security guide now!


Get the guide here

Hands-on PowerShell quick reference guide

Microsoft Teams cheat sheet

An ideal support for all who already manage or want to manage Microsoft Teams with PowerShell.

Teams Cheat Sheet

Get your Teams cheat sheet

Hands-on PowerShell quick reference guide

Microsoft Exchange cheat sheet

An ideal support for everyone planning to manage or already managing  their Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 with PowerShell.

Echange Cheat Sheet

Get the Exchange cheat sheet

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