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Your must-have PowerShell Cheat Sheet to automate Microsoft Exchange

Streamline your Microsoft Exchange administration tasks with our 5-page PowerShell cheat sheet for Microsoft Exchange. This indispensable guide compiles essential PowerShell commandlets and best practices to automate repetitive tasks, manage users, and configure settings with ease. Whether you're new to Exchange or an experienced admin, this cheat sheet is designed to make your job simpler and more efficient.

Echange Cheat Sheet


Content overview

Manage user mailboxes and distribution groups

Configure archive mailboxes

Database management

Setting connectors

Manage journaling rules

Mail transport administration

  • Install prerequisites
  • Configure exchange service URLs
  • Mailbox databases
  • Room lists
  • User mailboxes
  • Distribution groups
  • Manage mailbox folder settings
  • Archive mailboxes
  • System mailboxes
  • Non-user mailboxes
  • Server management | Exchange certificates
  • Server management | Database availability groups
  • Accepted domains
  • Intraorganization connector(s)
  • Journaling
  • Mail transport