With ScriptRunner's free PowerShell poster you'll see the most important commands at a glance - that's your help with PowerShell scripting!

The poster is printed on both sides - on one side with the PowerShell commandlets,
on the other side you can find an overview of the user interface of the ScriptRunner Admin app and its functions.

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PowerShell commands poster




The PowerShell side

The ideal support for PowerShell scripting.

The PowerShell page provides you with an overview of the most important PowerShell commandlets, script commands, and resources.

From basic topics such as different data types to Active Directory cmdlets, beginners and experts will find useful cmdlets and script commands here.

Find commandlets for:

  • PowerShell data types
  • Configuring PowerShell and Networks
  • Using modules and .NET Framework classes
  • Strings and expressions
  • Access Win. Management Instrumentation (WMI)
  • PowerShell scripting language
  • PowerShell classes
  • Input and output commandlets
  • Use of the Component Object Mobile (COM)
  • Pipelining and navigation cmdlets
  • Active Directory (AD)
  • Processes, services, events, performance indicators
  • Object-oriented access to pipeline objects
  • Software installation
  • Getting help
  • Information on handy online sources for further PowerShell know-how



ScriptRunner side

Automation and delegation for SysAdmins with PowerShell.

You want to automate your PowerShell scripts or safely delegate them to other users ( for example, the helpdesk)

On the ScriptRunner page you can see the interface of the ScriptRunner Admin App. You will also find a description of the basic UI elements and an introduction to the ScriptRunner solution. Furthermore, the poster contains a detailed explanation of the various menu items, which makes it easier for you to use ScriptRunner.

What is ScriptRunner? Find all information here:


Features overview

  • Actions for controlled execution of PowerShell scripts on target systems.
  • Queries provide an associated list of display and parameter values of a referenced PS input parameter.
  • Targets allow you to manage individual systems or containers with PowerShell scripts.
  • Automation of your IT operations by starting actions from a third-party system (for example, monitoring, ITSM, or workflows).
  • Delegation of actions to group or individual users, such as other administrators, helpdesks, or even end users.
  • Scripts: Use the script header information to describe input fields and functions of the script.



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