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Using PowerShell Scripts with more security

Administrative privileges are usually required to run PowerShell scripts. Of course, the necessary credentials have to be kept safe.

Only the secure, central storage of user information enables the reliable delegation of PowerShell scripts to HelpDesk employees and end users.

Webinar: PowerShell Security

What's more, when it comes to using PowerShell in a team, users themselves don't need administrative rights to run PowerShell on Windows servers, Exchange, or Office 365.


We'll talk about this in the webinar:

  • Using the Windows Credential Store for password security of Powershell Scripting on individual Machines
  • Integration of password servers like CyberArk, Pleasant and Thycotic into your PowerShell environment
  • Delegation of single, parameterizable PowerShell scripts without administrative rights of the user
  • Secure browser-based execution of PowerShell scripts


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