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Automation and delegation of Exchange/O365 tasks with PowerShell

Do you have frequently recurring tasks in the daily operation of Exchange / Exchange Online?

These include, for example, creating new mailboxes, creating/editing out-of-office settings for ill employees, monitoring mailbox sizes or managing distribution lists.

PowerShell offers good possibilities to automate these and many other tasks.

With ScriptRunner the use of PowerShell becomes more comfortable and even more team-compatible. This will free you from routine tasks and establish PowerShell step by step as an automation tool in your business processes.


We'll show you in this webinar:

  • Securely delegate PowerShell-based mailbox management to service desk employees via a web interface
  • Allow users to run certain PowerShell scripts without giving them administrative Active Directory rights
  • Easily manage, repeat, and monitor PowerShell scripts
  • The pre-built scripts (ActionPacks) of ScriptRunner support you with the Exchange administration. 

We are looking forward to welcoming you as a webinar attendee!


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